Drinks Menu

Delicious drinks, sensibly priced served up with a sparkle and a smile.  What better way of providing your guests with refreshments than bringing the pub to you!  We can tailor a pub drinks menu to your specific requirements or provide a set menu.  Preferred ales can be ordered upon request.  Good quality wines and spirits, mixers and ice and a slice will all help your event go off with a bang.  It's all here behind the bar at The Hoppy Mare.

Example Drinks Menu for 2023

Real Ales

Exmoor Brewery - Exmoor Gold

A blend of fresh grassy floral hop and a subtly soft, caramel-tinged maltiness.

Alc 5.0% Vol

Exmoor Brewery - Exmoor Ale

This light chestnut- brown session beer has a fresh, grainy, biscuity nose with a hint of fresh citrus fruit in the background.  

Alc 4% Vol

Draught Lager and Cider

Carlsberg Pilsner

Distinctive citrus and floral hop aromas delivering depth of flavour

Alc 3.8% Vol

Thatchers Gold Cider

A refreshing medium dry cider with fresh appley notes.

Alc 4.8% Vol

Guinness Surger

Perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters

Alc 4.1% Vol

Wines and Spirits

Chardonnay – White Australian Wine

Smooth creamy palate with sweet tropical fruit and melon flavours

Alc 12.5% Vol

Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Australian Wine

Full bodied with hints of dark fruit and subtle oak flavours

Alc 13% Vol

Prosecco – White Italian Wine

Soft and fruity tasting, pronounced candid fruit and sweet flowers

Alc 11% Vol

Tanqueray Gin – English Dry Gin

Rich and deep flavour with uniquely balanced gin taste

Alc 40% Vol

Whitley Neill Gin – English Smooth Gin

Exceptionally smooth with rich juniper and exotic spice finish

Alc 43% Vol

Fever Tree Tonics

A delicious blend of subtle botanical flavours with spring water and quinine

Soft Drinks

Herby 4 Life Apple Juices – ‘Taste of the West Champion 2017’

Locally produced organic apple juices with no added sugar or preservatives

  • Seriously Somerset – Just loads of apples.
  • Beautifully Beetroot – Delicious and pink drink with beetroot.
  • Generously Ginger – With enough pressed root ginger to give it a kick.
  • Turmircale Juice – Revitalizing turmeric root and ginger root blended together.
  • Chaider – Somerset apples and Indian chai spices. Can be served hot or cold!.

We are green!

All our drinks are served in fully biodegradable flexy glasses.